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Flicks and Food Trucks 8/15

Hey from Holly on the Truckspotting team!

I have been brought on not only as a promoter for the Truckspotting app, but more of a creative director on how to promote and gain users for the app. I never realized how awesome food truck rallies could be until I was able to attend one with the Truckspotting team. Below explains a little bit about what I do, and you can see how awesome my job is!

Another team member, Akira, and I were tasked with promoting Truckspotting at food truck events around the Tampa Bay Area (what an awesome job, right?!). I can’t even express how much I enjoyed myself at the Flicks and Food Trucks event on August 15, and of course preparing for it! Here are some pictures to show how Akira and I prepared for the event and what we did when we got there. Be sure to check in again to see more of what we are up to! And of course, visit us at the food truck events around Tampa!

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What We’re Reading – Food Truck Edition

Plenty of news and articles have been posted recently regarding food trucks. Here are some of the articles we have been reading:



About Carlos Hernandez: Carlos Hernandez is the owner and author of local Tampa-based food blog, Carlos Eats, and attends dozens if not hundreds of food events every year in Tampa Bay and beyond. Follow Carlos on Twitter @CarlosEats and Like him on Facebook at: