How much could a Food Truck really cost you?

With no lease for a restaurant location and minimal staffing costs, a food truck may seem like a low-cost business opportunity. However, there are many hidden costs you need to consider. According to a survey by IBISWorld, the revenue from 3,624 food truck businesses in America was around $870 million, with growth rates of 7.9 percent from 2011 to 2016.Those figures make purchasing your own food truck a much more tempting proposition for driving some profits in the food-service business. The cost to purchase a food truck varies considerably and depends on a range of factors, including the make, model and age of the truck and the location where you plan to use it.The cost usually ranges from $50,000 for a new low-end model to $200,000 for a new top-of-the-line vehicle.

Brentwood starts first approval for food trucks to bring into city

Brentwood starts first approval for food trucks to bring into city


Food trucks will soon be allowed to operate independently and legally in areas of Brentwood.The trucks would be allowed to operate from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and would not be allowed to park on public rights of way. Truck owners would need city permission before operating on other public property. new proposal would allow for food trucks in the following locations:

  • All commercial districts instead of just ones that allow retail sales.
  • All suburban industrial districts — areas that include churches and schools — but only for special events.
  • And at approved homeowners association events, or other special events, in residential districts.

Downtown Raleigh starts pilot program for food trucks

The city of Raleigh has launched a new pilot program that allows food trucks to operate on the corner of some downtown streets.Downtown Raleigh has hosted food trucks before, but only during special events or food truck rodeos. This six-month trial program allows trucks to operate at one of four designated zones.

Square Finds Profitable Niche Between Food Trucks and Starbucks

Square Inc. seems to have found its place, proving this quarter that the mobile payments processor is useful for more than just food trucks and farm stand sellers. Square showed that it could attract bigger businesses as customers, with a 61 percent increase in the volume of payments transacted from larger sellers. Shares rose as much as 18 percent to $12.28 Thursday, the biggest intraday gain since its public market debut in November.

STREET EATS: Food truck owners unite for access to downtown Prescott

A recently formed coalition of area food truck owners have begun prodding Prescott city officials for answers on how they might eventually operate within the city’s limits.There are a couple specific city statutes that prevent mobile food vendors from freely doing business.

City panels: Food trucks, picnic tables not appropriate for downtown Wisconsin Dells

Food trucks and picnic tables are soon to become endangered species in the downtown Wisconsin Dells landscape.Two committees met July 20 to determine the downtown’s future course regarding the potential allowance of mobile food establishments.

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