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At TruckSpotting, we are foodies that are also food truck fanatics. We love the al fresco dining experience on the go. The delicious yet fast and affordable dining experience that can only be found at a food truck.

When traveling or moving to a new city we found a problem. We didn't know the lay of the land. While Google Maps is great at finding restaurants, it was useless at tracking food trucks.

Thus our idea was born.

We were going to outfit trucks with tracking devices and build an application that would allow anyone to find trucks near them. Hungry and lonely in a new city, we set out to fulfill our mission.


How can you benefit from our hard labor you ask?

Just download our iPhone or Android App. The app will show you a map with all the food trucks that are nearest to you.

Don't forget to enable GPS location on the phone.

If you want a list of the trucks, just click list on the bottom, the screen will let you filter by cuisine and sort by distance or rating. Once you select a truck you can see it's menu and schedule on the truck info page.

Once you've fallen in love with either the food or the guy/gal behind the counter you can add the truck to your favorites and keep tabs on them wherever they may go.


Our cross country move took us from a college town in the midwest to Atlanta, Georgia.

Taken in by the friendly locals, we soon discovered the Atlanta Street Food Coalition and with their help were able to get in touch with the wonderful food truck operators of Atlanta.

Having their blessing and support we moved quickly to secure a GPS provider and write a couple of apps for customers.


Why did we go to all this trouble?

Because we love food and food trucks.

We love the grilled cheese, taco, meatball and bacon mac'n cheese (chicken & waffles, ice cream, BBQ, cupcake) that can only be found at a food truck. We love the one man owner operators that could be cooking at a top restaurant but instead have chosen to deal with engine problems on a 1970's postal vehicle instead.

And most important of all, we love other people like us, that will go out of their way to eat at a food truck!

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